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IILHR works with Iraqi leaders to strengthen approaches to human rights and rule of law legislation by: (1) developing draft legislation and Constitutional amendments; (2) working to enact them; (3) developing a sustainable Iraqi capacity to assess, develop, and draft legislation; and (4) building consensus on priorities and strategies to pass human rights and rule of law related laws and Constitutional amendments.

IILHR, in continuing its past work in Iraq dating from advising on drafting Iraq’s Constitution in 2005, sent a team of attorneys and human rights experts to Iraq in July 2008. This mission is supported by Iraqi-national experts, and will operate in Baghdad on a permanent basis until November 2009. Through deployment of short-term Arab and international legal experts and development, translation, and distribution of legal memoranda, IILHR will draw upon its extensive network of international experts to build Iraqi consensus on enacting key pieces of legislation. By providing hands-on and focused assistance, combined with sound international linkages, research and expertise and an innovative strategy, IILHR gives Iraqis the sustained capacity to build legislation, and foster respect for human rights and the rule of law.